Biological Medicine treats individually. It enables physicians and clinicians to identify the primary causes of illnesses by integrating the results of procedures that evaluate structural integrity, bio-chemical individuality, regulatory and metabolic processes, energetic imbalances and one¡¯s unique psycho-emotional processes.

     The therapeutic practices of Biological Medicine are as individual and varied as the creative processes of practitioners who use them. Therapeutic skill is a science, an art, and a creative process. The therapies of Biological Medicine extend beyond the conventional treatment of disorders of structure and function. It also encompasses energetic imbalances, disorders of regulation and adaptation, social and psychoemotional disturbances and themes. The therapeutic practices of Biological Medicine are within the mindbody paradigm.

     The following are a list of some of the more common, and perhaps a few of the less well known biologically oriented therapies found in clinics throughout the world. Please see LINKS for information on these therapies. Unlike diagnostics that may be conceptually categorized into ¡®Planes¡¯, therapeutic modalities are for too broad and inter-dimensional to group or categorize. This list is by no mean complete, but only an example some of the Biological Medicine therapies that predominate. For clarity, an attempt has been made to place them into broad alphabetical categories.


Acupuncture and other Meridian Therapy




Biological Dentistry


Bioresonance Therapy


Chemical and Orthomolecular Therapy

      Progesterone, Estrogens, Human Growth Hormone, Thyroid Hormones (T3, T4)


Clay Therapy


Colon Hydrotherapy


Electromagnetic Spectrum Therapy


Expressive Therapy/Art Therapy


Exercise and Movement Therapy


Fever Therapy


Flower Essences (Bach) and other Flower Essence Therapy


Frequency Therapy


Gem Stone Therapy


Haptenes (Sanum)












Magnetic Therapy


Mistletoe Therapy




Neural Therapy


Nutritional Therapy


Oxidative Therapy


Physical Therapy




Probiotic Therapy


Psychoemotional Therapy




Sauna ¨C wet, dry, and infrared


Sound Therapy


Structural Alignment Therapy