The diagnostic practices of Biological Medicine are as individual and varied as the creative processes of the practitioners who use them. Diagnostic skill is a science, an art, and an intuitive process. Biological Medicine diagnostics search beyond the conventional paradigm of pathophysiological disorders of structure and function into the arena of regulatory and energetic imbalances. The mind-body connection or concept is central to understanding the many diagnostic and therapeutic practices within Biological Medicine. Mind-body medicine may refer to the way our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors affect our health.  It also may refer to the mind-body interventions that we use to support health. Some of the most commonly used mind-body therapies are biofeedback, meditation, hypnosis, psychotherapy, visualization, and spiritual healing. 

     Here, for conceptual purposes, Biological Medicine mind-body diagnostics may be viewed holographically manifesting throughout the following &Planes*:


Diagnostic Planes (Holographic):

         Psycho-emotional Plane

         Information Plane

         Energetic Plane - Energy Anatomy and Physiology (meridians, chakras)

         Regulation Plane - Adaptive, Homeodynamic and Functional Assessments

         Structural Plane - Organ, Gland, Tissue, Cellular Structures


     The following is a sample representation of some of the most frequently encountered diagnostic modalities in Biological Medicine, presented within the above holographic &Plane Model*. Please note, this is not a complete account of Biological Medicine diagnostics. This example &Plane Model* and the listed procedures are not replete and have been structured as such in hopes that the reader may gain a clearer understanding of these therapeutic procedures. Being a holographic model crossovers from one plane to another are expected. Solo diagnostics (using one methodology) and assessment only within one ※Plane§ is considered too limited to uncover the multitude of causative factors and causal chains. Many of these assessments are also used as monitoring mechanisms for therapeutic response. Please see LINKS for information on these approaches.


Psychological / Emotional Plane

         Inquiry 每 history taking, a time line of important psychological events, current emotions and pertinent beliefs. This helps to formulate a psychological ※life theme§.

         Kinesiology - aka applied kinesiology or autonomic response testing

         Electrodermal Screening (EDS)

         Radionics / Radiesthesia

         Color Psychology (Luscher™ Color Test)


Information Plane 每 (Information Expresses itself  Holographically)


         Genomic Testing and Molecular Laboratory Assessments

         Blood Type (O, A, B, AB)

         Traditional Body and Facial Physiognomy, Asian Medicine Tongue Signs

         Constitutional Iris Signs

         Signature Sound™ (Voice Frequency)

         Electrodermal Screening (EDS)

         Kinesiology - aka applied kinesiology or autonomic response testing

         Radionics 每 Radiesthesia

         Layered Dried Blood Analysis utilizing brightfield microscopy

         Biological Terrain Assessment (BTA) - pH, reduction/oxidation, resistivity

         Nutritional Assessments

-          Fatty acid and essential fatty acids

-          Amino acids

-          Organic acids

-          Vitamin and mineral profiles

-          Hormone profiles


Energetic Plane - Many informational assessments also apply to this plane

         Palpation of Acupuncture Points and Energy Fields

         Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine Pulse Character Diagnosis

         Electrodermal Screening (EDS)

         Segmental Electrograph (VEGA)

         Kinesiology - aka Applied Kinesiology (AK), or Autonomic Response Testing (ART)

         Radionics 每 Radiesthesia

         Aura Color Photography


Regulation Plane  - Functional Assessments

         Computer Regulation Thermography (CRT)

         Live Blood Microscopy (Darkfield and Phase Contrast)

         Heart Rate Variability Test  (Autonomic Nervous System Analysis)

         Functional Physiology Testing (Organ and Gland)

-          Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis

-          Intestinal Permeability Assessment 每 Challenge Material

-          Liver Detoxification Pathway Profile 每 Challenge Material

-          Toxic Element Testing with Chelation Challenge Material


Structural Plane - Organ / Tissue / Cellular Plane (The confines of conventional medicine)

         Physical Exam


         Surgical Exam

         Radiograph/Nuclear Imaging

         Magnetic Resonance

         PET Scan